[CIG-LONG] Gale 1.6.0

Walter Landry walter at geodynamics.org
Mon Oct 25 02:56:55 PDT 2010


I am pleased to announce the release of Gale 1.6.0, a finite element
code for the long term tectonics community.  This is a minor update to
the 1.5.0 release.  The release notes are attached below.

You can download binaries or the source code from


Installation instructions are in the bundled README and INSTALL files.
Gale 1.6.0 has also been installed on the teragrid machine Lonestar.
For details, see


Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org


* Then meaning of the 'A' parameter in NonNewtonian has changed to
  match what is commonly seen in the literature.  See UPGRADE for more

* There is a new family of StandardConditionFunction's named
  File1,...,File10 that allow you to read in a function from a file.

* HydrostaticTerm now has a maximum temperature, useful if you are
  incorporating the asthenosphere in your simulations.

* topo_data now works in 2D

* StressBC's can now handle having a different material underneath the
  computational region.

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