[CIG-LONG] Request information about Gale's model

Walter Landry walter at geodynamics.org
Wed Oct 20 12:06:36 PDT 2010

Po-Hao Kao <pkao at umn.edu> wrote:
> Dear Gale's modeling staffs,
> I am learning your latest version of Gale, and trying to connect my fluid-flow
> numerical model with Gale's simulating results.
> My idea is based on that, the crust porosity change should be relevant to the
> strain (or strain rate) induced by large scale
> rock deformation, and the stress/strain/strain-rate data can all be read from
> Gale's output files. Onece the values of porosity
> change are evaluated, I can then perform the large scale porous media fluid
> flow simulation using my numerical model.
> However, I don't know exactly what the real geological relationship is between
> the porosity and stress/strain (which is modeled
> by viscoelastic method in Gale). If it's available, would you please provide
> any information about the equations, theorems, or
> articles about the porosity-strain (or stress) relations for my references?
> Thank you so mush!!

I am a bit uncertain about what exactly you want.  The equations that
Gale solves are described in the manual, Section 2.2.  Gale is a
visco-plastic code.  It does not have elasticity.  It also does not
have porosity.  If you want to compute a porosity based on the stress,
strain, and strain-rate, then that should work fine.  But Gale itself
knows nothing about porosity.

Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org

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