[CIG-LONG] Request information about Gale's model

Po-Hao Kao pkao at umn.edu
Wed Oct 20 11:13:51 PDT 2010

Dear Gale's modeling staffs,

I am learning your latest version of Gale, and trying to connect my
fluid-flow numerical model with Gale's simulating results.
My idea is based on that, the crust porosity change should be relevant to
the strain (or strain rate) induced by large scale
rock deformation, and the stress/strain/strain-rate data can all be read
from Gale's output files. Onece the values of porosity
change are evaluated, I can then perform the large scale porous media fluid
flow simulation using my numerical model.
However, I don't know exactly what the real geological relationship is
between the porosity and stress/strain (which is modeled
by viscoelastic method in Gale). If it's available, would you please provide
any information about the equations, theorems, or
articles about the porosity-strain (or stress) relations for my references?
Thank you so mush!!

Sincerely yours,

Po-Hao Kao, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Assistant, Geofluids Research Group
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
310 Pillsbury Dr. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, US
Lab. phone: +1 612-625-3928
email: pkao at umn.edu
Geofluids Research: www.geo.umn.edu/orgs/geofluids
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