[CIG-LONG] CIG-LONG Digest, Vol 47, Issue 1

Walter Landry walter at geodynamics.org
Wed Oct 13 15:11:21 PDT 2010

Nicolas RIEL <nicolas.riel at free.fr> wrote:
> Hi everyone !
> I'm actually working on a very simple model. I'm trying to simulate thermal
> conductivity in a two layers system with high temperature at the bottom.
> However I noticed that thermal conductivty (Diffusity term in Gale) seems to
> need a model thickness scaled to 1, to work properly.
> If I do not scale the maxX, maxY to a value of 1 the temperature profile
> becomes totally unlikely with development of small unrealistic horizontal
> gradient of temperature (With temperature decreasing to values below 273K !)

You should not have to scale the model thickness.  Can you send the
input file that exhibits these problems?  That would give me something
more concrete to work with.

Walter Landry
walter at geodynamics.org

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