[cig-commits] r20843 - seismo/3D/SPECFEM3D/trunk

dkomati1 at geodynamics.org dkomati1 at geodynamics.org
Wed Oct 17 10:05:06 PDT 2012

Author: dkomati1
Date: 2012-10-17 10:05:05 -0700 (Wed, 17 Oct 2012)
New Revision: 20843

added two more parameters to rename and/or move

Modified: seismo/3D/SPECFEM3D/trunk/todo_list_please_dont_remove.txt
--- seismo/3D/SPECFEM3D/trunk/todo_list_please_dont_remove.txt	2012-10-17 16:52:57 UTC (rev 20842)
+++ seismo/3D/SPECFEM3D/trunk/todo_list_please_dont_remove.txt	2012-10-17 17:05:05 UTC (rev 20843)
@@ -11,6 +11,16 @@
 - suggestion 00: about adding new CPML flags and also new (or modified) movie and shakemap flags + VERCE project modifications
+From Dimitri: here are two more parameters to rename and/or move from the constants.h file to the input Par_file:
+could you also rename "USE_RICKER_IPATI" to "USE_RICKER" or "USE_RICKER_TIME_FUNCTION" everywhere in the source code and in the input file?
+Because "Ipati" is the name of an industrial field and thus we should make the name of that parameter less specific.
+Let us also move that parameter from the constants.h file to the input file (Par_file), to avoid having to recompile the code 
+(see my previous email about this)
 As discussed yesterday during our Skype call, let us make the 
 modifications below in the input Par_file of SPECFEM3D.
 NGNOD should be added and set to 8 or 27, and then when reading the 

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