[cig-commits] r14515 - seismo/3D/ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot

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Fri Mar 27 22:11:15 PDT 2009

Author: carltape
Date: 2009-03-27 22:11:14 -0700 (Fri, 27 Mar 2009)
New Revision: 14515

Updated README for model_plot.

Modified: seismo/3D/ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot/README
--- seismo/3D/ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot/README	2009-03-28 05:04:21 UTC (rev 14514)
+++ seismo/3D/ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot/README	2009-03-28 05:11:14 UTC (rev 14515)
@@ -4,14 +4,25 @@
 A preliminary set of scripts for generating xyz files for cross-sections to be extracted from volumetric .bin files (for example, a Vp model or a sensitivity kernel).  These have been used for the southern California crustal tomography study.  Significant work is needed to generalize the codes for any user.
 Basic order of operations:
-1.  matlab  -- Generate target cross section (horizontal or vertical)
+1.  matlab  -- generate target cross section (horizontal or vertical)
+            --> /ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot/matlab/
 2.  CLUSTER -- extract model value of the nearest GLL point to each target point
+            --> /ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/pangu/model_slice/
 3.  gmt     -- plot cross sections
+            --> /ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot/gmt/
-Choices to be made include:
- (1)  Vertical or horizontral cross section
+Cross-section choices include:
+ (1)  Vertical or horizontal cross section
  (2)  Sampling density in the horizontal dimension
  (3)  Sampling density in the vertical dimension (for vertical xc only)
  (4)  Area of the cross section
+Link output directories to the local directories, for example:
+From /ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot_work/matlab:
+ln -s /home/carltape/ADJOINT_TOMO/ADJOINT_TOMO_OUTPUT/model_plot_matlab_OUTPUT SAVE
+From /ADJOINT_TOMO/iterate_adj/model_plot_work/gmt:
+ln -s /home/carltape/ADJOINT_TOMO/ADJOINT_TOMO_OUTPUT/model_plot_gmt_OUTPUT SAVE

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