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Mercurial hg at geodynamics.org
Mon Nov 24 11:58:41 PST 2008

changeset:   74:4e4d36e191b1
user:        KathleenHumble
date:        Wed Apr 16 05:36:54 2008 +0000
files:       Utils/src/CornerVC.meta
Adding in content to StgDomain/Utils/src/cornerVC.meta

This content is based on the c file and the example file in the
../tests/data directory.
It may not be 100% accurate nad will need to be checked to see
if the content agrees with the way the component works

diff -r cadfee54d089 -r 4e4d36e191b1 Utils/src/CornerVC.meta
--- a/Utils/src/CornerVC.meta	Fri Apr 11 05:19:41 2008 +0000
+++ b/Utils/src/CornerVC.meta	Wed Apr 16 05:36:54 2008 +0000
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 <StGermainData xmlns="http://www.vpac.org/StGermain/XML_IO_Handler/Jun2003">
 <param name="Name">CornerVC</param>
-<param name="Author">...</param>
+<param name="Author">VPAC</param>
 <param name="Organisation">VPAC</param>
 <param name="Project">StGermain</param>
 <param name="Location">./StGermain/Discretisation/Utils/src/</param>
@@ -12,13 +12,38 @@
 <param name="License">The Gnu Lesser General Public License http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html</param>
 <param name="Parent">VariableCondition</param>
 <param name="Reference">...</param>
-<param name="Summary">...</param>
-<param name="Description"> This function is designed so that a user can specify BC's at the corners of a region. See xml file: ../tests/data/CornerVC.xml </param>
+<param name="Summary">This function is designed so that a user can specify Boundary Condition's at the corners of a region.</param>
+<param name="Description"> <p>This function is designed so that a user can specify BC's at the corners of a region. It works in 2D and 3D. If values are specified for a location in 2D that does not exist, it will display a warning about it, and the value will be ignored.
+<p>In each Direction: 
+y direction - Bottom or Top;
+x direction - Left or Right;
+z direction - Back or Front;
+ </param>
 <!--Now the interesting stuff-->
 <list name="Params">
+    <struct>
+      <param name="Name">corner</param>
+      <param name="Type">string</param>
+      <param name="Default"></param>
+      <param name="Description">specifies corner location and must be choosen based on name: (yDirection)(XDirection)(ZDirection), eg bottomRightFront  </param>
+    </struct>
+    <struct>
+      <param name="Name">type</param>
+      <param name="Type">string</param>
+      <param name="Default">CornerVC</param>
+      <param name="Description">tells the code that this is a CornerVC type</param>
+    </struct>
+    <struct>
+      <param name="Name">variables</param>
+      <param name="Type">list</param>
+      <param name="Default"></param>
+      <param name="Description">list of values for specified corner, ie vx, vy ...</param>
+    </struct>
@@ -26,4 +51,4 @@
 <!-- Add an exmaple XML if possible -->
-<param name="Example">...</param>
+<param name="Example">../tests/data/CornerVC.xml</param>

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