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> Subject: [FORCE11] [CfP] Workshop on Research Objects (RO2019)
> Date: May 22, 2019 at 7:29:51 AM MDT
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> Workshop on Research Objects (RO2019)
> 2019-09-24 at IEEE eScience 2019, San Diego, CA, USA
> <http://www.researchobject.org/ro2019/>
> ## Timeline
> * 2019-06-24 RO2019 submissions due
> * 2019-07-15 RO2019 Notification of acceptance
> * 2019-09-02 RO2019 poster/demo submissions due
> * 2019-09-24 RO2019 at IEEE eScience 2019
> ## Research Objects
> Scholarly Communication has evolved significantly in recent years, with an
> increasing focus on Open Research, FAIR data sharing and community-developed
> open source methods. A question remains on how to publish, archive and explore
> digital research outputs.
> A number of initiatives have begun to explore how to package and describe
> research outputs, data, methods, workflows, provenance and structured metadata,
> reusing existing Web standards and formats.
> Such efforts aim to address the challenges of structuring multi-part research
> outcomes with their context, handling distributed and living content and
> porting and safely exchange what we collectively can call “Research Objects”
> between platforms and between researchers.
> ## Call for Papers
> In the workshop RO2019 we will explore recent advancements in Research Objects
> and publishing of research data with peer-reviewed presentations, invited
> talks, short demos, lightning talks and break-out sessions to further build
> relationships across scientific domains and RO practitioners.
> RO2019 welcomes submissions of academic abstracts (~ 1-2 pages) and
> short research articles (~ 4-8 pages) on cross-cutting case studies or
> specific research on topics including, but not limited to:
>  FAIR metrics; platforms, infrastructure and tools; lifecycles; access control
>  and secure exchange; examples of exploitation and application; executable
>  containers; metadata, packaging and formats; credit, attribution and peer
>  review; dealing with scale and distribution; driving adoption within current
>  scholarly communications and alignments with community efforts; and
>  domain-specific and cross-domain Research Objects.
> ## Submitting
> Submitted abstracts and articles can be in a range of open formats (e.g. HTML,
> ePub) and are particularly encouraged to be submitted in a FAIR research data
> packing format.
> Accepted articles will be included in the IEEE eScience 2019
> proceedings. Submitted preprints will, upon acceptance, be made available as
> Green Open Access on the RO2019 website with DOI links to the Zenodo record and
> (where applicable) the published IEEE proceeding article.
> It is a requirement that at least one author of each accepted submission
> attends the RO2019 workshop at the IEEE eScience 2019 conference, where
> registration fees applies.
> Further details on submitting:
> <http://www.researchobject.org/ro2019/submitting>
> RO2019 encourages open peer review, and recommend that reviewers
> are named and attributed; however reviewers may be anonymous if so
> desired. Reviewers are welcome to publish their reviews using the
> same guidelines as the research articles.
> ## Workshop organizers
> * Carole Goble (The University of Manchester, UK)
> * Raul Palma (Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, Poland)
> * Stian Soiland-Reyes (The University of Manchester, UK; Apache Software Foundation)
> * Daniel Garijo (University of Southern California, US)
> For any questions, feel free to email the
> RO2019 Workshop Organizers at
> RO2019 at easychair.org
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> Stian Soiland-Reyes
> The University of Manchester
> https://www.esciencelab.org.uk/
> https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9842-9718
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