[CIG-ALL] AGU session DI020 - The Influence of Mantle Dynamics on the Earth System

Robert Moucha rmoucha at syr.edu
Wed Jul 25 15:25:52 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

We would like to highlight an AGU session that may be of interest to you; please consider submitting an abstract to this interdisciplinary session.

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Rob, Harriet, Bernhard and Siobhan


Session Title:
DI020: The Influence of Mantle Dynamics on the Earth System

Session Description:

Mantle convection drives processes like mountain building, earthquakes, the origin and eruption of large igneous provinces, hotspot-related volcanism, and dynamic topography. Interdisciplinary efforts consider mantle dynamics a key influence in landscape evolution, sea-level and ice-volume changes, and, through volcanism and subduction, the source and sink for important volatiles. These examples demonstrate the mantle’s role in Earth’s long-term climate.  Surface manifestations of mantle dynamics not only provide constraints on subsurface structure but also valuable insight into the broader Earth system. This expansive session explores interdisciplinary approaches that use surface observations to capture this dynamic mantle-surface-atmosphere system. Questions addressed could include: Has the style of mantle convection changed through time and is this reflected in the rock record? Can novel surface observations offer new constraints on mantle properties? What is the influence of mantle convection on key events throughout Earth’s history? We encourage critical assessments of uncertainties in both modeling and observations.

Confirmed invited presenters:
Thorsten Becker (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Tim Jones (Carnegie DTM))

Harriet Lau (Harvard University)
Bernhard Steinberger (GFZ - Potsdam)
Robert Moucha (Syracuse University)
Siobhan Campbell (Syracuse University)

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