[CIG-ALL] AGU session T040 - structure and dynamics of the upper mantle

Claire Currie claire.currie at ualberta.ca
Wed Jul 25 11:53:32 PDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

If you work on anything to do with the upper mantle, please consider 
submitting an abstract to the following session at the 2018 AGU Fall 

*T040 - Structure and dynamics of the upper mantle: Characterizing the 
lithosphere-asthenosphere system from crust to transition zone**

The lithosphere-asthenosphere system accommodates the motions of the 
lithospheric plates with respect to the underlying mantle. It is 
characterized by some of the largest gradients in physical properties 
found in the Earth’s deep interior. These strong contrasts in properties 
often do not arise from static structures or a single dominant process 
but rather evolve from the complex interplay between geodynamic 
processes and tectonic forces. In this session we welcome research 
contributions that explore the structure and dynamics of lithospheric 
and asthenospheric upper mantle across a range of tectonic settings 
(oceans, continents, rifts, margins, etc) and length scales (local to 
regional, continental, and global-scales) utilizing techniques and 
datasets from diverse fields, including but not limited to, seismology, 
electromagnetics, gravity, geodesy, geodynamic modeling, 
petrology/mineralogy, and mineral physics.

*Confirmed invited presenters:**
*Saskia Goes (Imperial College London)
Emily Hopper (Columbia University))

*Andrew Schaeffer (University of Ottawa and Geological Survey of Canada)
Claire Currie (University of Alberta)
Ved Lekic (University of Maryland)
Jolante van Wijk (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)

We hope to see you in Washington DC in December!  (and apologies for 

Andrew, Claire, Ved and Jolante
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