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Is it possible to post this outreach announcement below?




We would like to draw your attention to this year AGU session T049 titled “The nature of creeping faults: Where, why and how they slip slowly”.

Link to the session: https://agu.confex.com/agu/fm18/prelim.cgi/Session/45451

Invited speakers: Chris Marone (Penn State) , Kelin Wang (Geogical Survey of Canada) 

Section:  Tectonophysics T049

In this session we focus on how much we know about the similarities and differences between shallow creep (upper few km) and deep creep (>10 km deep) from microstructures, mineral composition, lithologic properties and conditions, geodesy, and geophysical methods? And how well we recognize zones of aseismic slip deformation through integrated data? The goal, is to bring together different disciplines for improving our understanding on why and how faults creep.

We encourage multi-disciplinary contributions from geological, geophysical, experimental, and modeling studies of creeping faults. In the oral session we are especially interested in stimulating discussion and will have shorter talks while setting aside more time for questions and answers. 

We hope to reach out studies on difficult creeping faults, to plan for future international collaboration. Look forward to seeing your group's contribution. Join us!


Kate Huihsuan Chen, Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University

Roland Burgmann, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, University of California, Berkeley


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