[CIG-ALL] PyLith v2.1.4 released

Brad Aagaard baagaard at usgs.gov
Mon Oct 24 15:33:21 PDT 2016


I am pleased to announce the release of PyLith 2.1.4, a finite-element
code designed to solve dynamic elastic problems and quasi-static
viscoelastic problems in tectonic deformation.

This release provides a few new minor features and bugfixes.

You can download the source code and binaries from


Detailed installation instructions for the binary packages are in the
User Manual with detailed building instructions for a few platforms in
the INSTALL file bundled with the PyLith Installer utility. We also
offer a Docker image
(see https://wiki.geodynamics.org/software:pylith:docker for 
instructions) for running PyLith within a portable, virtual Linux 
environment. Windows users should run PyLith using the Docker image.


The points file for OutputSolnPoints must now contain station names as
the first column.


* Added --version command line argument to display version information
   for PyLith and its dependencies.

* Improved information displayed with the --help command line

* Added --include-citations command line argument to display
   publications to cite when publishing results from computations using
   PyLith. General PyLith references are also displayed with the
   --version command line argument.

* Allow use of NetCDF versions greater than 4.1.3. Switch from using
   C++ API to C API.

* Fixed bug in Pythia associated with validation of parameters being
   done before help could be displayed.

* Fixed typos in manual for gravity and point forces.

* Added integration with Travis for automated testing.

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