[CIG-ALL] Call for abstracts EGU 2017: “Bridging Earthquakes and Tectonics: give-and-take”

van Dinther Ylona ylona.vandinther at erdw.ethz.ch
Wed Nov 30 02:58:56 PST 2016

Dear colleague,

After a successful session on traversing time scales from long-term deformation to earthquakes and back last year we are aiming for similar diversity to understand processes ranging from seismogenesis to mountain building. To accomplish that we invite you to submit an abstract to EGU 2017 session:

 “TS5.1/SM6.5  Bridging Earthquakes and Tectonics: give-and-take”.

Session description:
Long-term tectonic processes shape the bulk of conditions under which faults operate and thereby influence earthquake processes on short time scales. In turn, rupture processes locally reduce the strength of the brittle lithosphere and thereby affect the long-term processes that shape our plate boundaries. Reconciling observations of mechanisms taking place across these different time and spatial scales will improve our understanding of the physical processes governing the seismic cycle and the construction of geological and topographic structures, the rheology of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system, and may ultimately improve seismic hazard assessment.

Specific questions include how long-term crustal and lithospheric dynamics and structures affect short-term seismicity and earthquake cycle behaviour, and conversely how earthquake cycles result in the construction of geological and topographic features. What are the driving forces and the rheological structure at plate boundaries? What are the relative contributions of rheology (temperature, fluids, chemistry) and geometry in the segmentation of fault ruptures? What are the roles of faulting and off-fault deformation in shaping the landscape and partitioning seismic and aseismic energy dissipation? And what new information can be extracted regarding this from the wealth of geophysical observations in the age of big data? These example questions are intended to stimulate a discussion about the interplay between seismicity, earthquake cycle dynamics and the geological and geodynamic evolution of deforming zones. Therefore we seek contributions from across the fields of geology, geodynamics, seismology, geodesy and geomorphology, encouraging both modelling and observational studies.

Invited presenter:
Nadaya Cubas

We are looking forward to see you in Vienna,

Ylona van Dinther (ylona.vandinther -at- erdw.ethz.ch<http://erdw.ethz.ch/>)
Romain Jolivet
Francesca Funiciello
Sylvain Barbot

Travel support: December 1st 2016
Abstract submission: January 11th 2017 13:00 CET
Link: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2017/session/23381
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