[CIG-ALL] TOMORROW - CIG Webinar - Michalak, Uncertainty and GHG budgets

Lorraine Hwang ljhwang at ucdavis.edu
Wed Mar 9 16:12:52 PST 2016

9 March 2016

Dear Community:

Do not miss *** TOMORROW *** the continuation of our webinar series on uncertainty quantification (UQ).  Tomorrow, Thursday March 10 @ 2pm PT,  Anna Michalak, from the Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford will be speaking about her work understanding sources and sinks of greenhouse gases and why this is an inverse problem. 

Statistical and computational challenges of constraining greenhouse gas budgets
Anna Michalak, Carnegie Institution for Science
Predicting future changes to the global carbon cycle (and therefore climate) and quantifying anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) both require an understanding of net GHGs emissions and uptake across a variety of spatial and temporal scales.  This talk will explore some of the core scientific questions related to understanding GHG budgets through the lens of the statistical and computational challenges that arise.  The focus will be on the use of atmospheric observations, and applications will include the natural and anthropogenic components of the methane and carbon dioxide budgets.  The discussion will include issues related to the solution of spatiotemporal inverse problems, uncertainty quantification, data fusion, gap filling, and issues of “big data” arising from the use of satellite observations.

Connect to webinar:
	http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/r28i3av93ti/ <http://uc-d.adobeconnect.com/r28i3av93ti/>


Lorraine Hwang, Ph.D.
Associate Director, CIG

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