[CIG-ALL] Last minute call - Goldschmidt session 04f: Mantle melting in Earth and planetary interiors

Ananya Mallik Ananya.Mallik at uni-bayreuth.de
Thu Feb 25 02:24:47 PST 2016

Dear all,

This is a last minute call for your attention to the session titled “04f: Mantle melting in Earth and planetary interiors” under the section Deep Earth at Goldschmidt 2016 to be held in Yokohama from 26 June – 1 July 2016.  We encourage you to submit your abstracts to this session. The deadline for abstract submission is almost there (26 February 2016) and the details can be found at http://goldschmidt.info/2016/abstracts <http://goldschmidt.info/2016/abstracts>. 

The description of our session is as follows:

Mantle melting processes are of crucial importance for the differentiation of the Earth and planetary bodies. Melts affect physical properties of planetary mantles such as the rheology, conductivity and density along with governing the formation and redistribution of geochemical and volatile reservoirs. This session aims at understanding physical and chemical properties of melts in shallow to deep interiors of terrestrial and planetary bodies, from early accretion to present day dynamics. We especially encourage experimental studies on the melting of planetary interiors using large volume press, diamond anvil cell, and dynamic shock compression techniques. We invite submissions exploring melt chemistry, extraction of melt, effect of volatiles on the process of melting, physical properties of melt such as density, viscosity, structure and their effect on local to large-scale physical and chemical properties of the Earth and planetary bodies.

Keynote speaker: Kei Hirose (ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Invited speakers:

Asmaa Boujibar (NASA)

Marius Millot (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Tatsuya Sakamaki (Tohoku University)


We look forward to your submission.


Sarah Lambart (UC Davis)

Ananya Mallik (Bayerisches Geoinstitut)

Sylvain Petitgirard (Bayerisches Geoinstitut)

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