[CIG-ALL] Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop (September 28-30, 2016) - Apply Now

Peter Kelemen peterk at ldeo.columbia.edu
Fri Feb 19 18:03:57 PST 2016

hello Andy,

I like studying subduction processes, present and past; I have spent much of the past 35 years doing so

however, I don’t think I will attend

the term “observatories” seems to indicate that scientists will be in a passive role, observing and collecting data, with little innovative interpretation

furthermore, the term observatory implies a bias away from the rock record and toward processes that are active today

I like learning from active processes, but I also know there is a lot to learn from the rock record

as with many such “initiatives”, it seems to me that people very close to NSF, with a vested interest in prolonging some existing NSF programs, have decided upon this “new direction”

once this happens and a workshop is scheduled, only those who think it is a good idea will show up at the workshop 

this will be taken to indicate "community consensus”

I am getting too old for this

in any case, I am scheduled to be teaching 100+ undergrads on 9/29

best wishes,

Peter Kelemen

> On Feb 19, 2016, at 7:18 AM, Andy Frassetto <andyf at iris.edu> wrote:
> Please consider applying to attend the NSF-sponsored Subduction Zone Observatory Workshop, to be held in Boise, Idaho from Wednesday, 9/28 until Friday, 9/30. The workshop seeks a broad range of applicants interested in discussing the scientific motivations for an interdisciplinary earth, ocean, and atmospheric research program focused around the scientific questions and societal hazards related to subduction zones. Applicants will be selected by the organizing committee and notified of their application status no later than July 1st.
> On-site support is available for selected applicants, and limited travel support will be available for selected early career scientists and other applicants. International and early career scientists are especially encouraged to apply.
> Please visit the workshop website to learn more: https://www.iris.edu/hq/workshops/2016/09/szo_16
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