[CIG-ALL] REMINDER: CIG Listserve job-postings at geodynamicsl.org

Lorraine Hwang lorraine.hwang at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 15:33:00 PDT 2014

2014 September

Dear Community Members,

As Fall is underway, we are receiving many requests to post jobs for our community. CIG has a special mail list for this purpose:
	cig-jobpostings at geodynamics.org

For those of you who are looking for new opportunities, please subscribe.

For those who have opportunities available, please send these to cig-jobpostings at geodynamics.org.  Any mail received at cig-all that is a job posting will NOT be approved.  This includes all mail sent in the last several weeks. If you do not know whether yours has been sent, please consult the archives.  All mailing lists and archives can be found through our website:


Lorraine Hwang, PhD
Associate Director, CIG
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