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Louise Kellogg lhkellogg at ucdavis.edu
Tue Sep 2 12:36:20 PDT 2014

Dear CIG Community:

 As part of the planning process for the next phase of CIG, CIG III, past and current members of both the Executive (EC) and Science Steering Committee (SSC) met earlier this year to frame CIG’s role. In-depth discussions helped to strengthen and articulate our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.  A Situational Analysis formed the basis of developing CIG’s Strategic Objectives.  How we carry out these strategic objectives, Actions, will in part guide the development of CIG III.

The outgrowth of this process is the attached document, which strategically positions CIG for the future.  We hope you have a chance to read Positioning CIG and reflect on the role CIG plays in both our community and your research.  Your feedback is welcome and can be sent to: contact at geodynamics.og

Lastly, we like to thank all of those who contributed to this document – retreat attendees and current EC & SSC, for the many insightful and frank discussions that have helped to strengthen our identity. 


Scott King, Chair, CIG Executive Committee

Louise Kellogg, Director CIG

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