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13 November 2013

Dear CIG Community:

Please joins us TOMORROW for our last webinar of the Fall.  Professor Giorgio Spada will be giving us an introduction to SELEN in his talk titled Using SELEN to Solve the Sea Level Equation on Thursday, November 14 at  *** noon PT *** :
When the mass of an ice sheet changes, sea level does not varies uniformly around the world. There are many reasons for this: the solid Earth time-dependent response to surface loading, the gravitational interactions between the components of the Earth system, the irregular and evolving shape of the coastlines, and more. All these effects are accounted for in the so-called “Sea Level Equation”, the fundamental tool for modeling GIA (Glacial Isostatic Adjustment). A sea level equation solver (SELEN) is now available to the CIGers in the CIG software repository. By some examples, ranging different time scales, he will show how SELEN can be employed in sea-level change investigations and, in general, in solid Earth geophysics. 

You may connect to the meeting through the link provided below or through the home page at geodynamics.org.  More complete instructions can also be found at:


Remember to test your connection before the beginning the webinar. 

The CIG Webinar Series will take a break in December due to AGU and will return January 9th with Oliver Kreylos talking about advanced visualization techniques.

Please remember to stop by the CIG Booth on NSF Street at AGU.



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