[CIG-ALL] FW: XSEDE ALLOCATION REQUESTS Open Submission, Guidelines, Resource and Policy Changes

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Dear CIG Community;

XSEDE is now accepting allocation requests for usage beginning October 1,
2013.  Please note policy changes, **Allocation Request Procedures and
Policy Changes:**. The submission deadline is July 15th.


If you need help in submitting your allocation requests, please contact Eric
at: emheien at geodynamics.org


XSEDE accepts allocation requests on a quarterly basis with the next
application period closing date in mid-October.


Good Luck,



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Policy Changes

Date: June 15, 2013 11:05:08 AM PDT

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Posted on 15 Jun, 2013 18:02 UTC by Ken Hackworth

XSEDE is now accepting Research Allocation Requests for the allocation
period, Oct 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014. The submission period is from
June 15, 2013 thru July 15, 2013. Please review the new XSEDE systems and
important policy changes (see below) before you submit your allocation
request through the "XSEDE User Portal":http://portal.xsede.org
**NEW XSEDE Resources:**
See the Resource Catalog for a list of XSEDE compute, visualization and
storage resources, and more details on the new systems

* **Storage Allocations:**  Continuing this submission period, access to
XSEDE storage resources along with compute resources will need to be
requested and justified, both in the POPS application and the body of the
proposal's main document. The following XSEDE sites will be offering
allocatable storage facilities, these are:
            **NICS (HPSS)**
            **PSC (Data SuperCell)**
            **SDSC (Data Oaisis)**
            **TACC (Ranch)**
       **XSEDE-Wide File System (XWFS)**

Storage needs have always been part of allocation requests, however, XSEDE
will be enforcing the storage awards in unison with the storage sites.
Please see (https://www.xsede.org/storage).

* **Mason** (https://kb.iu.edu/data/bbhh.html) at Indiana University is a
large memory computer cluster configured to support data-intensive,
high-performance computing tasks for researchers using genome assembly
software (particularly software suitable for assembly of data from
next-generation sequencers), large-scale phylogenetic software, or other
genome analysis applications that require large amounts of computer memory.
Mason will enter service on the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery
Environment (XSEDE) in April 2013.  Mason has 16 HP DL580 G7 compute nodes,
each with four eight-core 1.87 GHz Intel L7555 CPUs, 512 GB memory, 400GB of
local scratch disk, and a 10gb Ethernet network interface.  Recommended use
of Mason is intended to run primarily large memory (>16GB and up to 500GB)
serial jobs

**Estimated Available Service Units/GB for upcoming meeting:**
Georgia Tech HP/NVIDIA (Keeneland) **1,500,000**
Indiana University HP DL580 Large Memory Cluster (Mason)  **300,000**
Indiana University Gateway/Web Service Hosting (Quarry) **40**
NICS Cray XT5 (Kraken) **200,000,000**
NICS SGI/NVIDIA, Visualization and Data Analysis System (Nautilus)
NICS Long-term tape Archival Storage (HPSS) **300,000**
Open Science Grid (OSG) **2,000,000**
PSC SGI Altix UV (Blacklight) **7,000,000**
PSC Persistent disk storage (Data SuperCell) **100,000**
SDSC Appro Linux Cluster (Trestles) **16,000,000**
SDSC Appro with Intel Sandy Bridge Cluster (Gordon Compute Cluster)
SDSC Medium-term disk storage (Data Oasis) **250,000**
TACC Dell PowerEdge Westmere Linux Cluster (Lonestar) **15,000,000**
TACC Dell/NVIDIA Visualization and Data Analysis Cluster (Longhorn)
TACC Dell PowerEdge C8220 Cluster with Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors
(Stampede)  **175,000,000**
TACC Long-term tape Archival Storage (Ranch) **4,000,000**
XSEDE-Wide File System (XWFS) **150,000**

**Allocation Request Procedures and Policy Changes:**
In the past code performance and scaling was to be a section addressed in
all research requests main document, this section seems to have been
overlooked by many PIs in the recent quarterly research submission periods
which has led to severe reductions or even complete rejection of both new
and renewal requests.  Starting this quarterly submission period it will be
mandatory to upload a scaling and code performance document detailing your
code efficiency.  Please see section 7.2 Review Criteria, of the Allocations
Policy document(https://portal.xsede.org/group/xup/allocation-policies).

Also, the disclosure of access to other cyberinfrastructure  resources(e.g.
NSF Blue Waters, DOE INCITE resources,.) should be detailed in the main
document.  Please see section 7.3 Review Criteria, of the Allocations Policy
document(https://portal.xsede.org/group/xup/allocation-policies).  The
failure to disclose access to these resources could lead to severe
reductions or even complete rejection of both new and renewal requests.

Ken Hackworth
XSEDE Resource Allocations Coordinator
help at xsede.org

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