[CIG-ALL] Relax 1.0.4 now on Fink

Sylvain Barbot sbarbot at ntu.edu.sg
Mon Feb 11 09:03:12 PST 2013


I am pleased to announce to Mac users the release of Relax version
1.0.4 on Fink.


Relax is a Fourier-domain code to simulate quasi-static deformation
associated with earthquake and volcanic unrest. Relax can be used to
evaluate the displacement and stress in a half space with gravity due
to Okada-type dislocations, Mogi sources, and surface tractions; and
the nonlinear time-dependent deformation that follows due to power-law
rheology materials in the bulk and/or rate-strengthening friction
faults. The numerical method is based on a Fourier-domain elastic
Green's function (Barbot & Fialko, 2010a; 2010b) and an equivalent
body-force representation of co-seismic and post-seismic deformation
processes (Barbot et al., 2009b).


Fink users can now obtain the latest version of Relax from a terminal
using the simple command:

> fink install relax

This command will automatically download the latest version of the
program and man page and painlessly install all necessary libraries.
Example files and post-processing scripts must be downloaded


You can download the source code and binaries at:


Detailed installation instructions and examples are in the User Manual.

Best wishes,
Sylvain Barbot

Sylvain Barbot
Assistant Professor
Earth Observatory of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
office: (+65) 6592 3195

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