[CIG-ALL] Gale 2.0.1

Walter Landry wlandry at caltech.edu
Thu Aug 23 07:44:23 PDT 2012


I am pleased to announce the release of Gale 2.0.1, a finite element
code for the long term tectonics community.  The main feature of this
release is the addition of a stabilizing term for models with a free
surface.  Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.  The release notes are
attached below.

You can download binaries or the source code from


Installation instructions are in the bundled README and INSTALL files.

My last day at CIG is this Friday.  So if you run into problems,
please direct any questions to the mailing list at
cig-long at geodynamics.org.

Walter Landry


* A free surface stabilization term has been implemented.  This
  applies a non-linear damping term to all models by default.

* The temperature mesh has been changed to be Q2, the same as the
  velocity mesh.  This fixes problems when running thermal problems
  with distorting meshes.

* Documentation has been added for modeling density and expansivity
  changes as an arbitrary function of pressure and/or temperature.  This
  is a simple way of modeling phase transitions.

* You may now specify a moving static side.  This is useful when
  modeling a moving wall boundary that only covers part of the

* You may now use up to 30 different files for input as boundary
  conditions etc.

* A bug in parsing equations with "<" has been fixed.

* There is now a single binary for Mac 10.5 and later.  10.4 and
  earlier are no longer supported.

* The configure script now accepts --linkflags.

* Fix a bug when compiling Gale without HDF5.

* Checkpointing now occurs on the first solve, before taking a time step.

* Gale now works with Petsc 3.2.

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