[CIG-ALL] p4est

Carsten Burstedde carsten at ices.utexas.edu
Thu Sep 30 18:51:44 PDT 2010

Dear CIG community,

I have promised to Louise and Wolfgang that I will release the p4est
software today. Here it is:
This version is work in progress and neither well documented nor
feature-complete, but it works with all simulations that we run in Omar
Ghattas' group at ICES, and it works with the upcoming release of
deal.II. Furthermore, deal.II users will not need to know anything about
what it does and how it works.

I am indebted to Lucas C. Wilcox and Tobin Isaac for working on p4est
with me. I regard their support highly.

Several items are incomplete:
0. Documentation
1. The preprint of the paper will be revised soon.
2. We will look into edge/face-only balance. Don't use it yet.
3. Coarsening across processor boundaries is on its way.
4. Everything in the bugs and sc/bugs subdirectories.

I can only offer very limited to no support at this time. The good news
are that using p4est through deal.II will hide it completely. Bugs are
most easily found with --enable-debug. I would welcome minimal test
cases to reproduce bugs.

I will follow up with a proper announcement, a proper installation
guide, and an updated software version before the CIG business meeting.

Best wishes,


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