[CIG-ALL] Important information and request for nominations

mspieg mspieg at ldeo.columbia.edu
Sat May 16 13:44:28 PDT 2009

Dear CIG members,

Over the past five years, CIG has matured into a successful and robust
organization thanks to the efforts of its members and the exemplary
leadership of its Director Mike Gurnis.  As further testament to his
abilities, Dr. Gurnis has been recently asked to assume (and has  
accepted) the
Directorship of the Caltech Seismo Lab. We congratulate him on his new
position and look forward to continuing collaboration with Mike.

With this change in position, however, comes an opportunity. In light  
of the
upcoming CIG renewal proposal, the Executive Committee and the
Director feel that CIG will be best served by initiating a transition
to new leadership now. The structure of CIG and its by-laws ensure
that this change will have a minimal impact on ongoing CIG activities.
The EC have started an open process to appoint a new Director and
ensure a seamless transition, to which both EC and the current
Director are fully committed.

In accordance with the by-laws, the new Director is appointed by the
Executive Committee.  To maximize this opportunity and find the best
candidate, the EC is  soliciting nominations (including self- 
for the post of Director of CIG.

Details of the position, the nominating committee and guidelines for
selection can be found at  http://geodynamics.org/cig/director-search

Nominations should provide a brief explanation of how the candidate
meets these criteria and should be sent to  
nominations at geodynamics.org by May

We thank you for your assistance in this crucial matter and for your
understanding of the short time line, dictated by our desire
to finalize the CIG renewal proposal with a new Director at the helm.
Any questions or clarifications should be addressed to me or any
member of the Nominating Committee.

Marc Spiegelman
Chair CIG Executive Committee.

Prof. Marc Spiegelman
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences/LDEO
Dept. of Applied Physics/Applied Math
Columbia University
tel: 845 704 2323 (SkypeIn)

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