[CIG-ALL] Planning for the Future of CIG

Mike Gurnis gurnis at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Feb 20 05:44:56 PST 2009

Dear Colleagues,

I‘m writing to you on two important topics as CIG actively plans for the 
future of our community initiative. The first is to encourage users of 
CIG software to report on the results of their work by submitting 
one-page abstracts. Under the able leadership of Bruce Buffett 
(Berkeley), CIG has assembled a new proposal writing committee that is 
now actively evaluating the scientific and technical accomplishments of 
CIG. A central component of this evaluation is assessing what you have 
done with CIG software and resources. Recently Marc Spiegelman 
(Executive Committee Chair) wrote to you requesting one page abstracts, 
and we have had a good response. However, we know that there are still 
more projects that have yet to be reported on. This is one of the most 
important components of evaluating our success and so I want to 
encourage you to participate by visiting:


and submitting your abstracts before the of the month.

Second, I wanted to encourage you to participate in the upcoming 
“Opportunities and Challenges in Computational Geophysics” that will be 
held on the Caltech campus March30-31. The Workshop steering committee 
(M. Billen, Garrett Ito, and Andy Freed) is putting together an 
outstanding program to help our community plan for the future. For our 
US-based community, funds are available for your participation.

For more information on the workshop, please visit:

Thanks for your time – I look forward to reading about your 
accomplishments and seeing you at the March workshop.

Mike Gurnis
CIG Director

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