[CIG-ALL] CIG Executive Committee and Science Steering Committee Nominations - please give input

Bradford H. Hager bhhager at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 21 18:51:05 PDT 2008

I should have included - please send your suggestions to nominations at geodynamics.org 

Those who have already sent in suggestions - thanks.  I will forward  
them to the above address.

On Aug 21, 2008, at 4:34 PM, Bradford H. Hager wrote:

> Dear CIG Community,
> We are writing to you to solicit your suggestions for nominees for  
> upcoming elections for terms on the CIG Executive Committee and  
> Science Steering Committee.  The elections will be held early this  
> fall; your suggestions for nominees are needed by Friday, Aug. 29.   
> Please think both about people who would be effective and balance of  
> expertise in the various fields that need representation.  Re- 
> election is allowable, but expanding the number of people providing  
> leadership is a good idea. Past Committee Memberships and current  
> rosters are on the geodynamics.org web site.
> Executive Committee:  Marc Spiegelman (chair), Alan Levander,  
> Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni, and Peter Olson remain; Brad Hager is  
> rotating off.  (Note:  when Bill Applebe rotated off a year ago, the  
> Ex Com lost expertise in numerics; suggestions of nominees with a  
> computational science background would be very desirable.)
> Science Steering Committee:  Brad Aagaard (ch), Wolfgang Bangerth,  
> Bruce Buffett, Omar Ghattas, Louise Kellogg, Laurent Montesi, and  
> Shijie Zhong.  Brad's, Wolfgang's, and Shijie's terms are expiring,  
> so there are 3 positions to fill.
> We look forward to receiving your suggestions.
> Thanks,
> CIG Nominating Committee (Brad Hager, Laurent Montesi and Shijie  
> Zhong)

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