[CIG-ALL] CIG Executive Committee and Science Steering Committee Nominations - please give input

Bradford H. Hager bhhager at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 21 13:34:05 PDT 2008

Dear CIG Community,

We are writing to you to solicit your suggestions for nominees for  
upcoming elections for terms on the CIG Executive Committee and  
Science Steering Committee.  The elections will be held early this  
fall; your suggestions for nominees are needed by Friday, Aug. 29.   
Please think both about people who would be effective and balance of  
expertise in the various fields that need representation.  Re-election  
is allowable, but expanding the number of people providing leadership  
is a good idea. Past Committee Memberships and current rosters are on  
the geodynamics.org web site.

Executive Committee:  Marc Spiegelman (chair), Alan Levander, Carolina  
Lithgow-Bertelloni, and Peter Olson remain; Brad Hager is rotating  
off.  (Note:  when Bill Applebe rotated off a year ago, the Ex Com  
lost expertise in numerics; suggestions of nominees with a  
computational science background would be very desirable.)

Science Steering Committee:  Brad Aagaard (ch), Wolfgang Bangerth,  
Bruce Buffett, Omar Ghattas, Louise Kellogg, Laurent Montesi, and  
Shijie Zhong.  Brad's, Wolfgang's, and Shijie's terms are expiring, so  
there are 3 positions to fill.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.


CIG Nominating Committee (Brad Hager, Laurent Montesi and Shijie Zhong)

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