[CIG-ALL] CIG Software Now Preinstalled on the TeraGrid

Sue Kientz sue at geodynamics.org
Sat Dec 9 11:30:35 PST 2006

The latest version of CitComS.py, 2.1.0, released yesterday, December 8, 
is now installed on TeraGrid's TACC Lonestar, as well as at TeraGrid's 
SDSC and NCSA sites, with other codes soon to follow.

Go to the "Community Software Area on TeraGrid" web page at 
<http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/software/csa/>for instructions on 
using the community codes and for an online application to get a small 
amount of CPU time from CIG to get you started.

Since many of CIG's codes require a fairly extensive installation 
procedure due to dependence on complex libraries (such as PETSc) and a 
Python modeling framework, we hope availability on the TeraGrid will 
expand our codes' user base.

Sue Kientz

Technical Writer/Web Manager
Computational Infrastructure of Geodynamics (CIG)
sue at geodynamics.org
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cell: (626) 616-1955
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