[CIG-ALL] Availability of a substantial computation resource

Mike Gurnis gurnis at gps.caltech.edu
Mon Dec 4 14:22:00 PST 2006

Dear Members of the CIG Community,

The NSF is looking for NSF funded investigators who could use a large  
junk of CPU time for ground breaking science. The time would made  
available to a few investigators on a new parallel machine at NCAR  
(‘blueice’) during a three month period early next year. I believe  
that Blueice consists of a supercomputer cluster based on IBM’s  
System p5 575 Symmetric Multi-Processor (SMP) nodes, using the POWER5 
+ processor. It is expected to have a peak performance of 12  
TeraFlops. If you think that you could use such a resource, please  
contact me ASAP. I will forward your name to NSF and provide  
appropriate application materials.

gurnis at caltech.edu
(626) 395-6979
(626) 395-1699
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