[CIG-ALL] Workshop reports and community feedback

cig-all at geodynamics.org cig-all
Thu Jun 16 09:54:43 PDT 2005

Dear Members of the CIG community,

The CIG science steering committee is now in the process of
setting CIG software development priorities for the short and long
term. The executive committee will present the resulting strategic plan
to NSF during the first few weeks of July.

As part of this process, two workshops (cosponsored by CIG) have
now posted workshop reports on http://geodynamics.org
These reports are in Computational Seismology and
Tectonics Modeling and priorities that the SSC can now work
with have been articulated. In addition, the Short-time scale
crustal dynamics community has also presented their priorities
and posted them on the web. We're expecting that the mantle
convection community to post their report on the web a week
from tomorrow.

In all three cases, links to these pages can be found in the upper
right hand corner of the web site and you will be able to comment
directly on the respected pages. In order for you to make comments,
please note that you need to be a registered user of the web site and
you can register by the link in the lower left hand corner of the site.

We hope that you will find these reports and feedback features


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