[CIG-ALL] CIG short-term crustal dynamics priorities

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Wed Jun 15 16:09:35 PDT 2005

Brad Aagaard wrote:

>CFEM for Fault Systems and Tectonic Studies workshop participants:
>The Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics Short-Term Crustal 
>Dynamics working group needs to set its priorities for the next year 
>BEFORE our workshop. The CIG executive committee must submit a new 
>strategic plan the first week of July. Because we don't have the 
>luxury of waiting until mid July to develop a list of priorities, we 
>will be using the work area of the working group on the CIG website 
>and the CIG-SHORT mailing list 
>(http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/lists/cig-short) to define our 
>All further communication will be done through the mailing list and 
>website, so if you are interested in participating, please either (a) 
>join the cig-short mailing list or (b) view the archives of the 
>mailing list often and send comments, suggestions, etc to the 
>cig-short mailing list.
>I have a few things in the planning document, but much more info is 
>needed and what is there needs revision, clarification, etc.
>Brad Aagaard
>CIG Science Steering Committee rep for short-term crustal dynamics

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