[CIG-ALL] Election Process for the CIG Science Steering Committee

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Fri Jun 3 16:20:13 PDT 2005

Dear CIG participant,


The nominating committee of the CIG requests your help in electing the CIG

Science Steering Committee. A detailed description of the duties of the SSC

can be found in the CIG by-laws

<http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/proposalsndocs/newsdocs/bylaw> . The

central task of the SSC, however, is to help synthesize scientific needs

arising from the community with advances in computational science and modern

software engineering to guide the development of  software that enables

individual scientists to more easily develop and use geodynamic models.


To this end, the nominating committee has composed a slate

<http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/people/>  of candidates that balance

expertise in both Earth Sciences and Computational Science.  The SSC will be

composed of 8 positions, 6 representing the major scientific disciplines in

CIG and two for computational science.  In steady-state all positions will

have three year terms, however, the initial distribution is staggered  from

1-3 years  to balance turnover with continuity. Candidates in any position

can be nominated for re-election in subsequent terms.


Formal votes for the SSC will be made by the CIG institutional

representatives, with one vote per member institution.  However, your input

is valued.  Please consult the ballot and contact your member representative

<http://www.geodynamics.org:8080/cig/institution/memberdata>  with


Time Scale:

* Ballot presented 3 June

* Formal Voting period ends 13 June


Thank you for your participation.

The SSC Nominating Committee

Marc Spiegelman (Chair)
Carl Gable (Vice-Chair)
Barry Smith (ANL)  
Michael Wysessions

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