[aspect-devel] free surf in 3D

Thieulot, C. (Cedric) c.thieulot at uu.nl
Fri Mar 27 10:30:27 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I have been trying to do some simple crustal 3D runs with my visco-plastic rheology and I am now using the free surface.
Since my rheology is nonlinear I use Iterated Stokes, so I had to ‘force’ Ian’s routines to accept this solver.
When I use no AMR, things go rather well, I get enormous mountains, very large (surface) deformation, very happy (see pic).
When I turn AMR on, the model does some tens of time steps and then stalls: the code does not crash and
my job still ‘runs’ on the cluster and uses 10’s of cores but their activity is zero and nothing happens for hours.
(I have checked the mesh, the fields, etc … everything looks as expected, no visually suspicious clue).
I have been putting flags all over the place to figure out where precisely it seems to stop and I have narrowed it down to
the highlighted line on the attached pic (taken from Simulator<dim>::FreeSurfaceHandler::make_constraints() in  source/simulator/freesurface.cc<http://freesurface.cc> )
The code does not seem to pass this line and stalls there.
Would anybody have an idea of what could go wrong there ? and how to fix it ? :)



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